During AJ’s high school career he was able to qualify and make it to state for Cross Country. It was here were his enjoyment for competition grew and eventually expanded to health and fitness. 

AJ eventually earned a bachelors degree in Kinesiology from Michigan State University with a focus in health promotions. For the last 15 years AJ has been able to attain his fitness goals. Whether you are someone who has been wanting to get more lean, get stronger, lose weight, or meet your health goals, AJ is here to help.  Some of his accomplishments are as follows

-Ran a mile in 4minutes and 35 seconds

-Benched 315’bs for 3 sets of 8 reps

-Benched over 365lbs

-Gained over 20lbs of muscle in one year

-Inclined bench of 315lbs for 3 reps

-Increased power-clean workout by over 50lbs in one year 

-Maintained is current yearly weight. 

“Being healthy is not a hobby, but a lifestyle”– AJ Mata

For more information on starting your health and fitness journey send an inquiry to aj@thrivewithaj.com. Let’s make that decision to thrive today!