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"The Best is yet to come!"

AJ Mata was raised in the Rio Grande Valley where he attended school in Rio Hondo, Texas. He was the first person in his family to go to college and graduate with a bachelors degree. AJ also came from humble beginnings. Through hard work, persistence, determination, and a desire to succeed, he was able to excel in his academics and be in the top ten percent of his graduating class many times throughout his high school career. He eventually was accepted to Michigan State University where he received an academic scholarship that initially paid his way to go. 

AJ attended Michigan State University with the intention of pursuing a profession in the medical field to become a doctor.  The years of college, living 1500 miles away from his family were part of the foundation that helped establish him into the person he would become. Towards the end of his college career, a friend invited him to join her at a conference hosted by Teach for America. By the end of the T.F.A. conference, he was astonished by the educational inequities in our country. It was at that moment that the conviction of being a teacher was birthed inside him. He then changed his career path in pursuit of becoming a teacher. 

During his 6 years teaching AJ also earned a masters in Educational Leadership. This allowed him to develop the success he was able to create in his years of teaching. One being able to mentor teachers from all across the country.  After his 6th year of teaching, AJ left the teaching profession and pursued the real estate world. He eventually became a licensed realtor in the state of Texas and is now a Real Estate Broker. During his years in real estate AJ has had tremendous success, and he also established his own real estate redevelopment and investment company. His company has had an impact in the community as he has helped revitalize the homes in different neighborhoods. At the same time AJ continues to provide many real estate investment opportunities for individuals from all across the country. The redevelopment company has now expanded to San Antonio Texas where AJ currently resides.

A.J Mata is a husband, father, friend, teacher, coach, and serial entrepreneur, owning a Real Estate Brokerage and Redevelopment firm, a personal coaching business, a trademark business among others. To those around him, he appears to be a magical manifestor. He decides he wants something and then he’s living it.

As AJ like to say, “THE BEST IS YET TO COME”

To make an appointment with AJ today, send an inquiry to Let’s make that decision to thrive today! 

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